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Students Activities

Students Activities

Students are encouraged periodically for Active participation in the student council activities and execute events and competitions. Publication of an institute newsletter ‘PICKLE-JAR’ Active participation in the execution of events, festivals and competitions. Purchase of the raw material required by various Training Kitchens as Purchase Managers. Overseeing meal service in the Training Restaurant as Restaurant Managers. Ensuring quick and efficient service of student meals in the Dining Hall as Dining Hall Managers. Participating in various Out Door Catering functions that the institute undertakes.

Mechanism / Norms and procedures for democratic / good governance

A fortnightly general staff meeting to discuss future activities and events to be implemented and the problems and issues that have occurred in the past fortnight. The decisions are arrived through a consensus.

Departmental meetings to discuss functioning, academic matters, purchase of equipments, staff development, students attendance etc. are conducted periodically.

Various committees have been formed to involve more staff in good governance. The staffs are the members of the following committees:

  • Purchase Committee
  • Sports and Arts Committee
  • Discipline Committee
  • Students Council
  • Women’s Council

The periodic meetings of the above committees help in good governance. Student feedback on Institutional Governance / Faculty Performance:

a) Written questionnaire consisting of multiple choice answers is given to the senior students to obtain their feedback.

b) Student’s Council consists of student’s representatives who are elected by the class who in turn appoint the President of the student’s council. The students discuss the grievances put forward by their classmates. Solutions to the problems are sought with the help of the class counselors.

Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students:

  • A suggestion box has been placed for faculty, staff and students.
  • The Principal of the Institute is available for the faculty, staff and students to redress their grievances.
  • The women’s council is available for redressal of any kind of sexual harassment to the faculty, staff and students.
  • The Director – Higher Education, BV (DU) is available if the matter cannot be solved satisfactorily by the Principal.
  • The Registrar is available if the matter cannot be solved satisfactorily by the Director.
  • The Vice Chancellor is available if the matter cannot be solved satisfactorily by the Registrar.
  • The Chancellor is available if the matter cannot be solved satisfactorily by the Vice Chancellor.

Learning Outside The Classroom:

The Institute has an excellent track record of its students meritorious achievements in the University examinations. We believe one cannot create them only in the class room.


Regular Inter class tournaments in various sports activities are carried out. In the past our students have been selected to play for the University Basketball, Handball and Football team. The students are encouraged to participate in various field events.


Active participation in the local cultural activities in Pune as well as in the Institute.
Food Festival a regular event in the institute.
Seminar Prominent speakers from the Industry share their views, experience and expertise with the students and faculty.
Chef- Competition a must for students to show their creativity and skills
Cocktail Competitions an art to be mastered.
Cake Decoration Competition can be very innovative
Flower Arrangement Competition students can be really imaginative
Working at Special Events (VIP Service, HOST) an honour to serve
Cookery & Bakery Demonstration to learn the new concepts
Outdoor Catering a regular feature for Industry- Institution interaction
Pickle Jar (a bi-monthly newsletter) to enhance the writing skills
Chef Club What’s Cooking?
Field Visits To know the new procedures and processes followed in the Industry


Vatel Institute, France, has awarded scholarship to deserving students for years in association with Alliance France, Pune for a trip to France for Training of 2- 3 months.

Year Student Name
2000 Hrishikesh Desai
2001 Anjali Arora
Parineeta Belekar
2002 Renuka Parthasarthy
Vinit Athalye
Lovina Bhagchandani
2003 Ameya Ghanekar
2004 Anagha Shelar
Sneha Kulkarni
2005 Harshad Godbole
2007 Parimal Prabhune
Surabhi Pitambare
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